Renate - Brunott Juwelier

Renate van den Berg

Renate van den Berg
Typical Renate
Zorgzaam, lief, nooit chagrijnig
Favorite brands
Miss Spring
Favorite piece of jewelry
Diamanten tennisarmband van R&C
Favorite watch
Meistersinger Phanero
Renate at Brunott - From the twinkle in her eye to the way she talks about the jewelry business; the passion radiates from Renate. Her expertise on jewelry is striking. And whether it be striking gold necklaces or minimalist earrings; Renate is particularly passionate when it comes to jewelry that features diamonds.

Gold for each other The close bond Renate has with her husband, mother, daughter, son-in-law and grandson is the foundation of her existence. She doesn't really need more than them in her life. The family gets together regularly for quality time. And whether they play a game of Yathzee or go away for the weekend, for Renate all the moments together are worth their weight in gold.

Waiting... Pizza! Renate loves pizza. In fact, you can wake her up at night for it. Provided it's homemade, according to the recipe she got from an Italian pizza maker friend. The ingredients of the dough? Flour, yeast, water, olive oil and nothing less than white wine as "the secret. Buon appetito!

Anything for a smile Renate loves to make someone smile. Preferably by helping customers in the store find a personal showpiece, or an unforgettable gift for a loved one. Should she ever have to stop doing this, she will simply continue her mission elsewhere. Caring for the elderly so that they can get the most out of their last phase of life would be something she would like to do.

Viva Italia The sun, the sea, the beach and good wine: this is what Renate's ideal vacation looks like in a nutshell. All her life she has spent summers in Bibione, Italy, on the Adriatic coast. The seaside resort feels like a second home and will never bore her. Never going home again? Definitely, but not before a visit to Venice.

Under the spell of the ring The cliché is true: jewelry tells a story. So does the ring that adorns Renate's finger. The piece was made from the wedding rings of her mother and deceased father, and to her own idea, complemented with diamonds from earrings once given to her by her father. Not surprisingly, this jewel is extremely dear to her.