Fewer Returns, Less Impact

We are introducing a small change with big impact: starting December 1, we will charge €2.95 for returns and shipping costs for home deliveries. Delivery to a pickup point remains free. This decision reduces "last mile" emissions, the most polluting stage in the delivery process.

Reuse and Maintenance

Another important step in our sustainability mission is to emphasize the importance of reusing and maintaining jewelry and watches. By investing in maintenance and repairs, we extend the life of your valuables, helping to reduce production and waste.

Find out more about our services on our maintenance and repair pages:

Our Impact

Brunott is proud to say that our efforts equal offsetting a significant amount of CO2 emissions, collecting thousands of plastic bottles, and planting hundreds of trees. These are tangible steps toward a more sustainable future.

Green Friday at Brunott is more than a promotion; it is a promise for a greener future. Together, let's take steps toward a more sustainable world.