Endlessly trying on rings, offering a nice cup of coffee and choosing watches as it should be: together we dream of better times. How would you like to make that dream come true a little bit?

With every purchase you make with us during the lockdown, we will give you shopping credit as a gift. We will convert 21% of the total value into a check. You can spend this when our stores reopen! That way, looking forward to the lockdown era is not only more fun, we also help each other this unpleasant period by.

Here's how it works
Suppose you buy a beautiful piece of jewelry worth €800,- at Brunott during the lockdown. Then you get a check of €168,- from us, to spend in 2021. Because we are so happy with you as a customer!

Time for action!
Shopping at Brunott can - despite the closure - still be done in many ways. You can make an appointment for a private online shopping session, place an order in our webshop or simply make your gift wishes known. We are happy to tell you all about the endless possibilities.

Thank you for your support! We are eager to make you (and your loved ones) happy with a beautiful piece of jewelry or watch.

Team Brunott

*The conditions can be found here

Promotion expired on 03-03-2021